Renaud Vanderlinden

Sales Associate

083 458 7286

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Renaud, yes, like the car. Originally born and bred in Brussels, Belgium. I speak English, Afrikaans, and French with a little isiXhosa. We moved here in 1984 and have never wanted to go back as South Africa is not only beautiful but it has the best people. People, like me, believe this a great country and full of potential. My professional career has exposed me to restaurants, supermarkets, delivery services, logistics, warehousing, management (middle and upper), financial services, manufacturing, sales, and customer relations. The bulk of my expertise is in retail management for over 15 years and being a chef for over 10 years. But my main expertise is people. I love to know, understand, and learn from people. I am a firm believer of “You cannot sell something you do not truly believe in”. Business broking encompasses everything that is good in sales. Personal service, understanding why excitement for me and the entrepreneur to start a new venture, and finding the right business for the right client. It has challenges of course, but that only motivates me more. I have a wonderful and supporting wife and 3 amazing children. I enjoy being a family man, gardening, and martial arts.

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