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Allan is an excitable and energetic businessperson with his feet firmly on the ground. His 44 years in business has taught him that change is inevitable, exciting, never to be feared and above all, a necessity for businesses to adapt to the everchanging environment in which that business operates. He is a firm believer in employee capital as the most important investments a company can make, as this Microenvironment is the fuel that powers any successful business. Allan started his work career at the very bottom of the Construction Industry with LTA in 1976. With hard work, focus and the belief that nothing is impossible found himself in demand by senior company executives to help pull various and diverse projects out of the fire and take on the impossible, wherever these may be. This enabled him to gain experience is all facets of construction and manufacture across a wide segment of this market – culminating in became managing director of Hartwood Industries PLC – based in the heart of Swaziland. During this time, he took on an ITEC course in accounting and a Damelin Certification in Marketing management. Allan Left the LTA group in 1991 to return to Cape Town and at that time – no project or task was left unfinished and all completed having achieved the objectives set. Allan’s move to Cape Town was to pursue his own interests in business, culminating in owning his own large office and hospitality furniture manufacturing company with customers across Southern Africa as far as Lagos - Nigeria, Dar Es Salaam and Zambia, eventually selling his shares in the Company in 2012 to once again “go it alone”. Allan’s excitement in business comes from the belief that all businesses take on a life of their own, can surprise and the ability to achieve anything it sets its heart on. A business’s limitation is curtailed only by the people who run it. The driving passion to achieve, to stretch one’s knowledge and capacity to the very limit is what makes a business great, it is the ingredient that creates impressive achievements, personal pride and growth. The fire of passion is what started the business in the first place. When that fire wavers and begins to dim, that is the time to hand over the batten to one with energy and vision. It is this critical stage in a Company’s life cycle that excites Allan the most – to be part of the vision, to engage in the transformation of new life, to facilitate and assist using all the experience he has gained in 44 years of business – taking the firm foundation of the business and to ensure it does not flicker – but burn brightly with new passion and focus ensuring the blood, sweat and tears it took to start the business is not lost forever. Allan’s hobbies include exploring Southern Africa by road, reading history, building dream homes, and interacting with people.

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