Buying a Large Business

Before Buying a Large Business

Be in the running:
Get a head start by preparing any documentation you will need to meet the requirements of the seller. Those who have owned a business in the past will understand why this is necessary. Doing this will save you time and money and help your broker more easily identify the kind of business that will work for you as an individual.

Make a list of what you can bring to the table when buying a business, including previous work experience, your skill set, qualifications, and interests. Be aware of how much you are willing to invest and make sure your broker knows what the figure is, including how much cash you have and how much you are willing to borrow. This information will give your broker a clearer picture of what kind of business would best suit your needs and experience.

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At Businesses4Sale we offer an exclusive facility where you can join up as a member of our database and be sent priority information on any new listings that come in. You can do this on-line or by making contact with one of our senior brokers who will take you through which companies are currently for sale and can enter your details in our database. Once this happens Businesses4Sale will send you priority notifications around new companies that are listed that fit your particular requirements.

Why Businesses4Sale?
Businesses4Sale’s team of brokers pride themselves on working within stringent professional and ethical principles. We regard all the information we receive as strictly confidential and do everything in our power to protect your company’s intellectual property. Any information our conscientious brokers give out is limited to pre-qualified and legitimate buyers. Once qualified and in order to understand your suitability as a purchaser you will need to sign a legally-binding Confidentiality Agreement.

Businesses4Sale has developed a reputation for being the industry experts when it comes to acquisition and divestment agreements and have become established as the go-to company for businesses in the R1 million to R10 million range. Businesses4Sale offers an exemplary standard of service for all business owners and industry professionals looking to sell or buy a large business.

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